FOILV Membership
  1. All members shall subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Association and shall abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.
  2. Membership in good standing in the Association entitles a member to participate in all the activities and privileges of the Association.
  3. Members become eligible to attend, vote in the General Body, and to hold elected offices in the Association in accordance with the provisions in these constitution and bylaws.

Annual Membership Dues are as follows:

  1. Family membership dues shall be $50 upto a maximum of 6 family members. If there are more than 6 members, additional dues of $50 will be required for every 6 additional members.
  2. Individual yearly membership is $25
  3. Family Life membership is $500
  4. Membership cycle will run from Diwali to next Diwali (typically either October or November). Dues are due at least one week prior to Diwali, and will be delinquent after Dec 31.
  5. Members who had been admitted once and who missed membership fee payments during any fiscal year, shall pay all the fees in arrears before full membership rights and privileges can be reinstated.